About Us

KiSmart Corporation is located in Taipei and

Hsinchu/ Taiwan. KiSmart continually

generates and provides innovative solutions to

Circular Economies, Green Economies, and

Sustainable Cities.

Our Platforms

  • SmartBio System, Table-to-Table Agri-Food Cycle
  • SmartFoam System, Upcycling - Plastic Cycle
  • SmartAir System, Safe Indoor Air - Air Cycle
  • SmartPyro System, Wastes to Syngas – Energy Cycle
  • SmartDry System, Recovering – Oil Cycle
  • SmartBub System, Clean Water – Water Cycle

We help reducing Global

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions

In 2020, the CO2e

emission from 

our Platform


CO2e avoided by our

Advanced Fermentation

Technology rather than

landfill solution in 

Hsinchu / Taiwan (2020)

Our Plan

KiSmart's Objectives, Plans and Values

are shaped on the basis of Global Needs and

Trends. As a strategic choice of our company

is to make our Environment and Earth

more Livable and Sustainable.


KiSmart Corporation regards the concept of

sustainability the cornerstone of its business process,

operational, environmental, social and

economic aspects of sustainability as a whole.