Who We Are

KiSmart Corporation is located in Taipei and Hsinchu/ Taiwan. KiSmart continually generates and provides innovative solutions to Circular Economies, Green Economies, and Sustainable Cities. 

What We Do

KiSmart Corporation offers various innovative solutions to build Circular Economy and Sustainable City concepts through the Cycles & Platforms it has created on its own.In addition, our proven business models are assisting and helping companies which make positive contributions to the environment and sustainable development by staying connected to the ESG criteria.

Organizational Culture

In order to create a strong corporate culture, our organizational structure plays an important role in the flow of information, authority and decision-making throughout the organization, and it also plays a critical role in the allocation of resources among interconnected units. At this stage, we initiated the transition from a rules-based management culture to efficient resource management, focusing on effective internal cooperation, results and market satisfaction.

Structure Model

The Organizational Structure model of KiSmart

aims to align with the Group Operational

Excellence Strategy and Collaborative Culture