Culture of KiSmart Corporation

  • In order to create a strong corporate culture, our organizational structure plays an important role in the flow of information, authority and decision-making throughout the organization, and it also plays a critical role in the allocation of resources among interconnected units. At this stage, we initiated the transition from a rules-based management culture to efficient resource management, focusing on effective internal cooperation, results and market satisfaction.

  • We design, create and maintain strong and resource shared culture to support fast-paced projects

  • Our strong and shared responsibility culture allows highly educated employees to work in a very decentralized way with minimal supervision.

  • We create two-dimensional strategic value-based organizational culture in order to establish and maintain product / service leadership and Platform / Process innovations in our industry:

Operational Excellence, we work on product and service differentiation through superior execution as measured by productivity and efficiency

Continuous Innovation, we build an organization and align with cultivation culture, imagine and create new paradigms for our employees to think outside the box.

HR Vision and Policy

HR Vision

  • Making a difference with highly skilled and motivated employees delivering excellent performance.

HR Policy

  • "Employees" is the most important asset of KiSmart Corporation. KiSmart attaches great importance to the professional training of employees and employee welfare, and strives to create a high-quality working environment.

    KiSmart Corporation believes that working in a good environment can create high-efficiency and high-quality work performance, and finally can grow together with KiSmart to create a better future.