SmartBio Platform provides the mimetic-ecological technology to create a biodiversity environment and pursue symbiosis with nature; it is committed to the production of organic nutrients to nurture a healthy soil environment and provide rich food for mankind, with the goal of global health and sustainability

Our target is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and CO2 to mitigate global warming through our own developed technologies, products, services and solutions


Transforming from Food Grade Bottle and Container Material to Sustainable Industrial Products through our Innovative approaches. We enable the recycled plastic wastes to be reused in different industrial areas.


The more sustainable future depends on Green Economies. Due to this perspective, we believe Smart Sustainable Cities will get a significant position to build Green Economies. 5G will usher in a new era, it will completely change and transform the way of Quality of Life, Efficiency of Urban Operations, and Smart Services. Furthermore, 5G will also be a catalyst for Internet of Things (IoT) innovation and technologies.