SmartBio Platform Introduction

SmartBio Platform provides the mimetic-ecological technology to create a biodiversity environment and pursue symbiosis with nature; it is committed to the production of organic nutrients to nurture a healthy soil environment and provide rich food for mankind, with the goal of global health and sustainability.

Our target is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and CO2 to mitigate global warming through our own developed technologies, products, services and solutions

Our Innovative Solutions

are Inspired by the Nature

Our Identity

Leading Platform bringing various Solutions to Protect Agri-Biodiversity.

Smartbio Project Objective

From Organic Disposables to Building Sustainable and Circular Ecological Economy

What We Do

The world 1st beneficial microbial solid-state fermentation technology platform. We are using organics disposables as growth nutrients for Bio-Fertilizers and Probiotics Feeds production.

Why we launch SmartBio Project

Global Food Waste is around 1.3 billions ton. Food waste is responsible for 6-8% of global greenhouse gas emissions. 30% food waste reduction will positively affect GHG emission by reducing it 8%.

Today’s waste treatment system has an enormous social and environmental impact, from climate change to Organic wastes. SmartBio is a Leading Platform bringing Innovative Organic Waste Treatment to Protect Environment and Agri-Biodiversity, thus contributing to reduce greenhouse gas emission and finally mitigate global warming.

From Disposables to Building Circular Ecological Economy Circle

SmartBio’s Table-to-Table Cycle

Comparison of SmartBio Platform and Traditional Solutions

Traditional Composting

  • No time Efficient
  • High Cost
  • Bad Smell

Advanced Fermentation

  • Saving Time
  • Saving Money
  • Saving Human Power
  • No Bad Smell
  • Minimum Pretreatment
  • Small Footprint

Benefit and Value of SmartBio Platform

  • Due to SmartBio’s Innovative Solutions, cities can trigger a shift to a better Waste Treatment System
  • Smartbio’s Innovative organic waste treatment system offers a vision for a circular economy system
  • Boast a highly advanced Core Microbial Technology, and a high efficiency, low energy consumption and zero Bad-Odor organic waste management system
  • World 1st demo “Table to Table” circular ecological cycle using fast fermentation technology inside the City area without unpleasant odor.

Feature of Smartbio Platform

SmartBio Bio-Fertilizer Advantages

SmartBio Probiotic-Fertilizers promise bigger, healthier crops, and boost crop growth and mineral uptake.

Healthier Soil, Healthier Plants, Healthier People, Healthier Planet with Smartbio’s Bio-Fertilizers