Our Plan and
Long-Range Intentions

KiSmart's Objectives, Plans and Values are shaped on the basis of Global Needs and Trends. As a strategic choice of our company is to make our Environment and Earth more Livable and Sustainable.

Therefore, all our plans, investments, and practices are to build a Circular Economy and Sustainable Cities to help reduce greenhouse gas emission & CO2, and finally mitigate global warming.

In order to fulfill these purposes, our company and our employees are constantly thinking, observing, planning, designing and producing and finally presenting our products, services, platforms and innovative solutions to the domestic and global markets

Purpose of KiSmart Corporation

  • KiSmart Aspires to be a Leading Practitioner of Circular Economy
  • In order to create a green environment and world, KiSmart Corporation will actively contribute to the creation of circular economies with its innovative solutions and investments.
  • Progressively follow and implement Global management standards to be a leader and the most effective corporation in Green-Environmental industry
  • Continuously update and develop Products, Services and Solutions to Private Companies that follow ESG criteria and EPA regulations, Governments seeking various solutions for waste management, and Public-Private Organizations seeking sustainable industrial materials.

Our Strategic Goals and Objectives

  • Providing breakthrough solutions to the needs of the market
  • To be a Global leading Waste Management Solutions company 
  • Implements green and sustainable production for all of our facilities
  • Enter Global markets with our products, services and solutions
  • Transfer our know-how to global target markets, SEA and EMEA 
  • Provide Green Reusable materials to E-Commerce, Energy, Automotive, and Construction industries 
  • Establish technology centers and R&D labs in strategic cities 
  • Develop corporate relations in the domestic and global markets. 

Our main Concentrations

Circular Economy

Sustainable Cities

Smart Sustainable Cities

Circular Ecological Economy

Green Technology

Green Environment

Green Manufacturing

Green Supply Chain

Fighting Plastic Waste


Clean Air

Zero Waste