Environment and Sustainability Statement

KiSmart Corporation regards the concept of sustainability the cornerstone of its business process, operational, environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainability as a whole.

We are pledged to reduce our environmental impact and continuously develop our positive contribution to the environment as an integral and fundamental part of our business strategy, working methods and way of production.

Depending on this purpose, we are aware of our responsibility to help to protect our environment and planet. We are determined to minimizing the environmental impact of our company's activities, products and solutions, and supporting green production to improve environmental sustainability.

Finally, KiSmart supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals.



We support the cultural development of society

We encourage the participation of our employees in social responsibility and Environmental projects

Support and Cooperate with Non-profit organizations

Complete organisation’s digital transformation and create a paperless business environment

Sustainability Strategy

  • Our purpose is to reach high environmental standards for our Plants, Products, Services, and Solutions
  • Due to our innovative solutions, we aim to reduce global waste generation and to minimize waste sent to landfills by municipalities
  • We regularly measure the GHG emissions of all our platforms and operations, and verify them with the Government Environmental standards. We will share verified data as part of our social responsibility and sustainability reports
  • We establish relationships with each of our suppliers on behalf of our different platforms in order to improve the environmental impact of the products and services that we purchase.
  • We internally and externally invest in carbon-reduction projects