KiSmart Corporation offers various innovative solutions to build Circular Economy and Sustainable City concepts through the Cycles & Platforms it has created on its own.In addition, our proven business models are assisting and helping companies which make positive contributions to the environment and sustainable development by staying connected to the ESG criteria.

Our Platforms

SmartBio System, Table-to-Table Agri-Food Cycle

SmartBio Platform provides the mimetic-ecological technology to create a biodiversity environment and pursue symbiosis with nature; it is committed to the production of organic nutrients to nurture a healthy soil environment and provide rich food for mankind, with the goal of global health and sustainability

SmartFoam System, Upcycling - Plastic Cycle

Transforming from Food Grade Bottle and Container Material to Sustainable Industrial Products through our Innovative approaches. We enable the recycled plastic wastes to be reused in different industrial areas.

SmartAir System, Safe Indoor Air - Air Cycle

We are developing a patentable “Smart Sterilization and Humidity Control System using Ionic Liquids Desiccant”, SmartAir, technology to Improve Indoor Air Quality & to Save Energy of HVAC System in High Tech Clean Room.

SmartCity – 5G Solution Partnership

As KiSmart Corporation, our goal is to help build Smart Sustainable Cities by providing Raw Materials to 5G High Frequency Electronics Developers.

SmartDry System, Recovering – Oil Cycle



On going project....



SmartBub System, Clean Water – Water Cycle



On going project....



We obtain diversified outputs through our Innovative Platforms which are suitable for various types of industries and applications. For example; Bio-Fertilizer & Feeds, Advanced Green Materials, Green Energy, Clean Water, and Safe Indoor Air.

Due to our Biodegradable and Non-Biodegradable solutions, we protect the environment and contribute to mitigate global warming.


We do not only provide green products and materials, but we also care about sustainable and green production.



Innovation Approach of KiSmart

Platform Innovation

Process Innovation

All of KiSmart's planning and investments are to develop new products, materials, services or solutions through redesigned operating processes, and Platforms. Therefore; Utilize common components, tools or equipment to create different products, materials, services and solutions.

Changes the form, function and scope of activity of products and materials for different industries and applications.

We continuously generate new ideas, then Design, Develop, Manufacture, Operate and Supply our Technologies and Know-hows