Who We Are

KiSmart Corporation is located in Taipei and Hsinchu/ Taiwan. KiSmart continually generates and provides innovative solutions to Circular Economies, Green Economies, and Sustainable Cities. As KiSmart Family, we help to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Global Warming with the Creative and Innovative Ideas, Systems and Platforms we already developed and are currently implementing in Taiwan. Within this context, we are committed to contribute to the establishment and development of the Circular Economies, Green Economies, and Sustainable Cities in Taiwan and all around the world.

Mission Statement

KiSmart Corporation is dedicated to bring the multiple Products, Services, Solutions, and Technologies to promote Carbon & Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction initiatives, Environmentally friendly Practices, and finally Green concept to all around the world.

For this purpose, KiSmart Corporation will continue to implement the most up-to-date methods to build the Circular Economy and Sustainable Cities on a global scale through creating High Tech, R&D, Green Production Line, Green Products, and Innovative Service & Solutions.

Vision Statement

We, KiSmart Corporation, are constantly thinking about Global Warming, Biodegradable and Non-Biodegradable Wastes and its Management, Environmental Changes, reusable products and its production, clean and safe air, and finally Green Economies.

Our Goal

Our goal is to contribute to the reduction of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions and CO2e by implementing the technologies, products, services and solutions that are already developed by our company to Circular Economies and Sustainable Cities.

Core Values

  • We work as One Team
  • We are Innovative and Creative
  • We support continuous development
  • We take action in order to do what is necessary for Green Economies
  • We Create Values for Our Green World
  • We establish open and honest relationships with Private and Public organizations and institutions
  • We support the Cultural Development of Society

Corporate Commitment

  • We are responsible for the environment
  • We Support the Global standards
  • We establish open and honest relationships